A Summary FROM Militant Kindergarten 2023

by the Center for Especifismo Studies (CES)

Exploitation and domination are manifested differently depending on the context, but in all cases, anarchists seek an egalitarian society that would mark the end of class divisions. The political organization has the final objective of libertarian socialism, a society free from class domination and capitalist exploitation, where people can decide for themselves how to accomplish the things they want in life. Everyone’s capacities, abilities, and degrees of commitment change over time. This is why the political organization must act, not only as a station for the active minority to strategize and make decisions for themselves regarding their collective actions, but also as a source of revolutionary history.

Clear ideology ensures the consistency of our principles, concepts, and ideal objectives. It not only helps us navigate, but it also reveals a through line back to the unity of the organization. The mass liberatory movements in society must be driven by necessity, not our ideology or anyone else’s. Militancy, for us, consists of collective direct action, meaning taking risks alongside those who struggle. It is a constant cycle of reassessing our actions and addressing our needs so that we may continue to fight.

Militant Kindergarten is a form of political education. The notes from our discussions have been synthesized here, making them available in the future, for people beyond our own organization. These materials are collectively produced and propagated resources because we believe we must learn and teach by doing. In our opinion, ideologically defining and defending our own boundaries makes our politics less reactive, creating space for people to learn, and not expecting everyone to know everything before we begin to work together.

Political education provides the knowledge to understand an organization’s political line. In Militant Kindergarten, we are not producing a political line. We are preparing ourselves to form and defend political lines. This is why we need stations like Militant Kindergarten: for studying. It is not about convincing everybody of an idea but instead allowing people the space and time to learn enough about an idea to determine their own relationship to it. This ensures anarchist ideas stay connected to and continue to be formed by real people and real struggles.

Strategy determines what an organization should focus on when interacting with different practical elements in a given moment. So, strategically developed theory helps an organization understand a particular problem from a particular perspective by establishing a connection between a given situation and the analysis made by the political organization. In especifismo, this is done using a high degree of trust established through the long process of integrating oneself and of being integrated into the specific anarchist organization.

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