Social insertion vs. (political) entryism

by Carl Eugene Stroud 1.1. Terminologically, in English at least, the especifismo concept of “social insertion” may seem to refer to a similar practice as “entryism”, however, within the framing of a particular strategy and clear objectives, there is a theoretical difference. 1.2. Social insertion is distinct in its conception, implementation, and aims, but these […]

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A Summary FROM Militant Kindergarten 2023

by the Center for Especifismo Studies (CES) Exploitation and domination are manifested differently depending on the context, but in all cases, anarchists seek an egalitarian society that would mark the end of class divisions. The political organization has the final objective of libertarian socialism, a society free from class domination and capitalist exploitation, where people […]

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The May Document from Militant Kindergarten

“Strategy determines what an organization should focus on when interacting with different practical elements in a given moment. So, strategically developed theory helps an organization understand a particular problem from a particular perspective by establishing a connection between a given situation and the analysis made by the political organization. In especifismo, this is done using […]

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Janvier le document de Militant Kindergarten

PAR LE CENTER FOR ESPECIFISMO STUDIES «L’exploitation et la domination se manifestent différemment selon le contexte, mais dans tous les cas, les anarchistes recherchent une société égalitaire qui marquerait la fin des divisions de classe. L’organisation politique a pour objectif final le socialisme libertaire, une société libérée de la domination de classe et de l’exploitation […]

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LE CONTEXTE Dans Anarchisme social et organisation, la Fédération Anarchiste de Rio de Janeiro (FARJ) consacre un chapitre entier à la chronique et à l’unification des contributions et influences explicites à sa propre pratique de l’Especifismo. À première vue, ce type de chapitre dans un livre peut ressembler au travail typique des chercheurs sur Internet, […]